How do I add Text To My Site?

To add text to your site, select the 'add text' icon from the toolbar. A movable text box will be added to the top left hand corner and the words '<Your Text Here.>' are displayed. You can then click in the text box to change the text or drag and drop the text wherever you want it to appear on your page.
How Do I Place An Image On My Site?

To place an image on your site, select the 'insert image' icon from the toolbar. The insert image dialog box will appear. Click on the 'folder' icon located to the far right of the box labeled 'Source'. A second dialog box will appear displaying a list of your uploaded images on the right. If your image is already uploaded simply select it frothe list. You can click once on any image to see a preview of the image.
If you want to upload your own image, click on the button labeled 'browse' near the bottom of the dialog box. Once you have located the image on your local computer you want to upload, double click on it and then click the button labeled 'upload'. Once your image is fully uploaded it will appear in your image list. Select the desired image from the list then click 'ok', then 'insert', and finally 'ok' once again. You may then drag and drop your image wherever you want it to appear on your webpage.
How Do I create A New Page?

To create a new page, select the "new page" icon from the toolbar. Enter the desired page name in the box provided. Choose whether you want a blank page, to copy a page from a template, or to cloe an existing page, then click "Add".